Monday, March 19, 2012

the luxury/responsibility of artists

So I read this interview with a musician named Derek Webb.  I like his art.  These quotes about art and artists made me think.
"Part of the luxury of being an artist is that you not only can but kind of have a responsibility to think long and hard about things on behalf of those who might listen to your music. You can give them a jumping off point for subject matter that might be too tangled for most people in the busyness of their daily lives. I think there are a lot of smart people out there who honestly just don't have the time to think through some of these issues, and it becomes easier to watch CNN, to watch Fox News, to read some random blog and just get your answers and talking points from those kinds of places."
"Sometimes all people need is a little shove, and I feel like artists can play a really unique role by taking advantage of the luxury of being able to think through these issues of culture and life and then distill those thoughts down into just a couple minutes, put a little melody with it -- something to help the medicine go down -- and give people something to react to, [so] that they might begin to form their own opinions."
Does this jive with your view of artists, art, and such?  Do artists have this responsibility, or do you think this is an opportunity, something optional that they can do if they choose?

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