Saturday, June 15, 2013

accidental shoes

I am now the accidental owner of a single, cute pair of shoes.  (The accident is the cute part, not the shoes.)  I blame aquarobics.  In my ongoing saga of trying to build strength and flexibility without accidentally making injuries worse, I started doing some water aerobics.  It reminded me of my days in pool PT (just me and the elderly ladies) except that there were some elderly men, as well.

I figured I'd be okay because I was in a colder pool than the PT pool where I did therapy for an arm and discovered that my injured left foot HATES hot water.  Well, it seems like my foot just hates water because it was seriously hating on the pool.  Since the pool is kind of my last hope for strength exercises, I was getting a bit discouraged when I found myself wondering if I could get cheap, water-proof tennis shoes and put my orthotics in them. 

I looked at some catalogs and discovered that water-proof tennis shoes are NOT cheap.  This was a bummer.  An increasingly painful bummer.  And then I asked one of the ladies in the class where she got her shoes because I was starting to want to skip classes (more than usual), and she said she got hers at a sporting goods store. 

So I went to a sporting goods store, thinking I could find some nice, sturdy shoes, probably men's shoes since they're a bit wider and might be able to fit my orthotics.  And the only shoes I could find in my size were these strappy, cute black ones.  Alas.  So now me, my old lady swimsuit, and my cute shoes will be in the pool 2 days a week (most weeks).

At least they were (relatively) cheap.  And they work.  So no more excuses.