Saturday, June 30, 2012

dying alone (overheard)

The people at the table above me are talking about the death of a man who was single and liver alone with his dog.  He was 58, and he died suddenly, and it took 5 days for them to realize.  "So sad," they kept saying.  "No family, no wife and kids, how sad, nobody knew, how sad," they said.  "No one should live alone and be single," they said.  "So very, very sad."

I hid a crooked smile and thought, again, Actually, not really.  Who is it sad for?  He's dead; he's not horrified or embarrassed by it.  And no family means there wasn't a wife and kids to be sad at being ripped away, no family to suffer.  Maybe I feel bad for the dog, but why is it sad to be alone if that is your choice?

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