Monday, August 20, 2012

What is this gunk?

I love the library.  It is a place where you can get free books.  New books, old books, books you aren't sure if you'll like, books you know you'll like but can't afford: what is there not to like about the amazing public libraries in our country?

Well, you know, my one complaint (at the moment) is as follows: why is there always a thin film of gunk on the CDs?  What do people do to them to make them this disgusting?  (I probably don't really want to know.)  Sometimes you get this effect on books, too (usually the ones with dust covers wrapped in clear plastic but also on some paperbacks), but the CDs are just gross. 

If someone could invent some sort of cleany-zapper the items could be run through when they get returned so they can be de-gunkified for the next patron, that person could make a lot of money . . .

Hooray for libraries!  And soap for washing hands after handling gunky library materials!

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