Thursday, October 31, 2013

Playing Catch Up with NaNoWriMo 2013!

Wow, do I ever have a lot of catching up to do here.  What with all the stuff I've had to do revolving around healthcare this year, I have had to cut back lots of other activities, and one of those I ended up dropping was blogging.  I had originally intended to do National Novel Writers Month again this year, but I think I will do my own version, so I can reward myself for feeling better while catching up on writing/crafting/posting to eliminate the mathematical guilt I feel when I see how far behind my (super-idealistic) goal I am with two months to go in the year.  So I will write and post up a storm this month, and if I have any words left over, I know which novel I want to do some more drafting on . . .  (The Napkin Epic has been much on my mind this autumn.)  Starting tomorrow, we will commence with the catch-up on these four blogs.  Be ready for it!

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