Monday, January 20, 2014

The Shining Court - shiny, creepy, epic

The Shining Court by Michelle West (The Sun Sword Book 3 of 6): Back to the South we go!  But first a sliiiight detour into seriously weird territory.  If you wanted to know more about Avandar, Jewel's unconventional domicis, this book will, well, it will make you want to know more and less at the same time.  This person is one seriously scary individual, and his motivations are remarkably unclear. 

Again, one of this author's strengths is her ability to create compelling characters with obviously full histories behind them.  Avandar is someone who just screamed "I am ridiculously powerful and have been alive for a very long time, and my actions now seem unfathomable to normal mortals."  Holy cow. 

In general, I feel I should also mention that this author has a special gift for the inhuman and super-human characters.  Anya A'Cooper is completely insane.  And you KNOW it from every interaction with her.  Avandar, the Winter Queen, newcomer Celleriant, Firstborn (offspring of two gods), and the ever superb Isladar are each unique and perfectly not at all human in different ways.  Good stuff!

The Voyani are back with a vengeance, as are all the fraught shenanigans in the southern court, and more insights into the Shining Court of the demons.  More threads are starting to wind together halfway through the series, but I still have NO IDEA where things are going, where they will end up, and who will survive.  But, it must be said, I completely trust this author to bring it all together.  Eventually.  If I can steal enough time to read faster than I forget people's names . . .

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