Saturday, February 13, 2010

Looking for a few rational discussions

"Agree that some of the commenters were obnoxious. But I think in general people around the o’sphere who took offense were reacting out of context. (Which is of course what the web is all about, but we are book people, and as people concerned with context and the implications of words, I wish we didn’t do that."
When I read this quote here, it made me stop and think.  I love out of context quotes (usually for sheer entertainment value), but I don't participate in discussions and forums online because I don't function very well in conversation/interaction based on emotion and without context and implication and rationality.  Because I am a book person concerned with meaning and context and all that good stuff, I can't really get too interested in "the web."

Sometimes, I wonder if, by taking myself out of the discussions, I'm just being lazy.  Maybe there is good conversation out there about this stuff that I'll never find because I've given up.

What advice do you have for how to find places on the web to engage with people who react in context and don't rush to take offense and instead try to understand and are also not dull, boring, overly-serious folks with no senses of humor?  :)

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