Thursday, November 25, 2010

The Next "Miles" book

A comment (#5) at a favorite author's site when he posted a notice about the new Miles book:

'Oh, and I got to see Bujold at the U Bookstore last week, and she read a scene from what she referred to as “Ivan: His Book.” She said she has sixteen chapters of it. So hopefully the next Vorkosigan book won’t have a seven year gap between pub dates.'

Squeeeeeeeeeee.  Well, I'm not so sure I want to be in Ivan's head.  I found it rather distasteful in a Civil Campaign because any time in Ivan's head meant less time in the heads of characters I liked better.  However, his segment of that book was pretty funny, and I do have a bit of curiosity . . .

Your thoughts about Ivan carrying a whole book?


  1. Ooooh, I have so been waiting for the Ivan book. His character has gotten remarkably subtly developed in the last few books, and Miles has pretty much come to the point in life where Bujold stopped really working with Aral and Cordelia. Not that I don't want to read more about people's lives post-marriage-and-having-babies, because I'd really like to think there's some adventure left for those of us who have reached that place, but the Miles books have been kind of a really long coming-of-age story which Miles seems to have finally acheived. He's mostly come to terms with his biology; he's helping a kid with similar issues; he understands his parents, has made a place in his society, and looks to be a stable figure helping usher in the new world order as it were. But Ivan-you-idiot is a bit of a loose end needing some wrapping up, I think :-D The other direction I could see her taking things would be to explore more of the emperor's storyline.

  2. I find myself wanting a Pym book myself (from his youth). And that story about the one Miles mission that was a total failure. I'm all about going backwards. :)