Thursday, December 9, 2010

Jealousy is a sin

And I'm sinning right now.

Anyway, yes, Wise Man's Fear, the second book published by Patrick Rothfuss, may in fact really come out next year.  Happy New Year.  The question is whether I can hold off rereading Name of the Wind until February . . .

Yes, WMF might really be coming in March.  Really.

At first, I wondered why they'd bother with Advanced Reader Copies of this book.  I think it'll sell through the roof regardless of whether anyone gets to read it and create buzz in advance.  In fact, there was some doubt about whether the second one could live up to the first.  I figured they'd never do an ARC just in case it got poor reception.  I take it as a positive sign that they decided to create one because it must mean they're not afraid of the quality suffering.  Or else they know people are curious enough that even if it gets bad critical buzz, a bojillion people will buy it anyway.

Like me.  :)  How about you?

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