Thursday, January 6, 2011

Of humidifiers and BookNerdiness

You know you're a hardcore book nerd when you finally break down and buy a humidifier, and you notice it was made by a company named Kaz, and you suddenly get all nostalgic and wonder, "When was the last time I read The Curse of Chalion?" because the main character's name is Caz, and that book is awesome.

I am not making this up.

You also know you're a serious book nerd when your decision of which humidifier-like machine to buy revolves around which is least likely to damage your books.  What do you know?  The cheapest one would also be the most destructive.  Rats.

Do you have a story to share that demonstrates the degree of your book nerdiness?  :)  Do tell.


  1. I voted for:
    Curse of Chalion, Bujold;
    American Gods, Gaiman;
    Changes, Butcher;
    Anathem, Stephenson;
    His Majesty's Dragon, Novik;
    Name of the Wind, Rothfuss.

    How did no one else vote for Butcher???

  2. Oh wait, that was supposed to be in response to the other post.

    I have my humidifier right next to my bookcase in the bedroom, but the bookcase has glass doors because that's the only kind I'm supposed to have in the bedroom because of dustmite allergies...

  3. Thank you for exercising your right to vote. :) I saw some votes for Butcher (a lot for Changes more than any of the others).