Monday, February 14, 2011

Netflix streaming

So there has been a bit of a snafu about Netflix maybe moving toward heavily encouraging streaming (cheaper for them), and I'm not a big fan.  This is because most of what I watch via Netflix is foreign stuff.  I like choosing my langauge track and subtitle combos myself, and I love extra features.  Maybe they've improved lately from how they were the last time I looked into it (nothing was available), but I don't think so.

Some friends recently tried to watch an old silent movie I had recommended, and they hated it because the soundtrack was awful.  I rented that disc last year, and it had about 6 options for soundtracks, so you could pick which one you wanted.  Three of them were excellent.  My friends didn't get any choice but a crappy one.  They also didn't have the option to listen to the commentary (which wasn't that good, honestly, but it did have some new information I found interesting).

Until streaming really gives me the same functions and choices as DVDs, I'm just not going to be a fan.

How about you?

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