Tuesday, May 31, 2011

City of Fallen Angels: descending into darkness

Simon, I still love you, even if you had moments of intense dumb this time around.  I can't tell you how glad I am that you and Clary are still best friends after what happened between you.  It makes me sad and a little jealous.  Clary, I was kind of ready to write you off as annoying, but I appreciate that you're willing to take responsibility in a non-destructive way, unlike Jace.  Jace, well, I'm glad you're not dead.  Mostly.  But you're getting reeeeeealllllllly tiresome.  If you keep this up, I may start seriously rooting for your death.

I stalled out near the end of this volume because it seemed to be going somewhere stupid, but after a week to de-angst, I was able to finish it, and it didn't end as badly as it might have.  However, Clary, I hope next time you know just to leave.  The moral of the story is, of course, that you should never leave the tortured male lead alone with the not-quite-entirely dead body of his nemesis.  I thought we already knew that?

I'm actually kind of digging the parallel stories here.  The present day is the Mortal Instruments series, but there are increasing numbers of cross-over characters with the newer series (Infernal Devices) that takes place in the past.  It's building some great tension and curiosity about what happened in the past and how it's connected to the present.  If only they weren't so young and dumb and prone to little mistakes like putting the whole world at risk because of hormones, I mean, true love.  Ah, well, it's YA.  :)

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