Friday, May 6, 2011

House hunting for sign seekers

Humans like stories.  We like to make stories up.  We like to give things meanings.  We like signs and searching for signs.  When signs seem obvious, they confirm for us that we're going in the right direction.  When we're desperate, any sign will do, even if we have to get creative with our meaning-making and interpretation.

When I was looking at houses, after seeing two abysmal ones, I finally saw one that was really promising. As we left that house and passed by a heavily wooded area, I saw a fox.  It was HUGE.  Many medium sized dogs would have run in fear.  It felt thrillingly like A Sign, especially when I consider how long its been since my last animal encounter, especially near my residence.

The next house we saw had a number and a letter, and the letter was the same as the first letter in my name.  That, too, felt like a sign.  The house was just in hideous shape on the inside.  Huge but a total mess and in need of thousands of dollars of work.  Perfect for a fixer-up family but impossible for me, no matter how much I liked the space and the layout.  I decided the address was Not A Sign. 

My life, my story, my choice, right?


  1. They have arctic foxes at the zoo near us and they're really, really cute!!!


    Houses are depressing; I'm beginning to suspect that with my student debt, we'll only ever be able to afford a fixer-upper. Which *might* work, I guess...

  2. I should send you the link to the huge one I mentioned . . . Except I think it's not child-safe . . .