Saturday, February 18, 2012

Book binge-ing for fun (not profit)

Ah, priorities.  Lately, my priority has been adjusting my sleep schedule in yet another vain attempt to wrest my life back from chronic pain and resulting sleeplessness.  When I decided to commit to this experiment wholeheartedly, it meant that I had to let everything else go.  No more excuses, just getting this habit established and seeing if it helps things.  And so, since I have Monday off (hooray for random, real paid holidays), I am taking an extra day to book binge and make progress in the things I'm reading and want to read and do but have been sacrificing to the cause of establishing a new sleep pattern.  (The rest of the weekend will be for books and other, non-book-related things like taxes, research, writing reports, learning software, and sorting through OWCP files, a saga, even if not actually a book.) 

And chasing the sun across my floor.  Book binge-ing and basking in the sun (even if only a tiny part of me is getting shined on): it's a good day not to have energy for anything else.  I'll report soon on my book progress.  Just as soon as the sun sets . . . : )

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