Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Something I learned while reading a lot of reviews for the same book

Sometimes people don't like your book because
  • they don't get it
  • they get it, but they don't want to (bad mood)
  • your characters are too realistic
  • they don't understand why your characters are stylized
  • they missed your point
  • you killed a character they liked (and they will never ever forgive you)
  • they're immature (they think "the only people who would like this book are 12-year-old girls" is actually some sort of serious review/response)
  • your characters remind them of people they know (and dislike)
  • they've never met anyone like your characters and think such people don't exist
  • your book causes them to make conclusions they don't like
  • they may not have read the same book (seriously, sometimes I wonder about this)
  • they have issues (and are trying to make their issues your issues)
  • your book challenges them to think in ways that make them uncomfortable
Any to add?

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