Tuesday, April 24, 2012

How to succeed in business fantasy?

On public radio, I caught a snatch of a segment about what it takes for women to succeed in executive leadership these days.  I have no interest in this subject personally, but the conversation caught my attention because the part I heard dealt with the need not only for mentors but also for male "champions."  These men are the kind who respect talent and drive regardless of gender, and they can be invaluable for a woman interested in business leadership to have in her network.  I happened to be reading some of Tamora Pierce's excellent fiction at the time, and I felt myself nodding along because this pattern is displayed in several of her series starring strong, competent, female protagonists.

In the Song of the Lioness quartet, Alanna had Myles.  Beka Cooper had the Provost.  In my favorite series, Kel had Raoul in the later books, and he was a perfect example.  He was an older man who saw her potential and chose to help her develop her leadership and organizational skills regardless of gender.  He helped her gain confidence in herself and her abilities and was hilarious alog the way.  These were women who networked (even if the setting was a fantasy world) and succeeded in accomplishing their goals.

Thank you, public radio for making me bring fantasy crashing into reality.  I think.

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