Monday, February 11, 2013

Catching Up on "Old" Movies: Juno

Juno was a cute movie.  It was funny, awkward, and sometimes touching.  With all the touching/crying bits at the end, I was kind of surprised they still considered it a comedy, but I couldn't think of any other single category that could encompass the whole thing.  The commentary and deleted scenes (with commentary) were pretty great.  Maybe they were basic film school stuff from the director and snark from the writer, but I find that fascinating.  It seems like maybe it's rare for a director to have so many favorite deleted scenes and such clear explanations of why they were removed.  And learning that some things were done on purpose while others were accidental (unconscious genius, if you wish) was amusing.

The acting was uniformly awesome, especially the bit parts, which is really outstanding.  Everyone shined, even if s/he only showed up for one scene.  The dad was just great, and the stepmother was beautifully done, too.  I was pleased to see the role her best friend was able to play throughout, as well.  Lots of the performances were understated and thus far more believable than what you usually get in a comedy.  (There were some exceptions, like the store clerk in the beginning and Jennifer Garner's character with her not-so-quiet desperation.  They still sort of FIT, though, so it all worked.)

Quirky and amusing movies should be enjoyed, and I watched this one on a long, relaxed holiday weekend.  I am pleased with it overall.

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