Friday, May 31, 2013

Blurry glasses and crying books

The other day, I put on my glasses, and they were just blurred beyond belief.  I was like, "What on earth?!  I just washed these a couple of days ago."  Then I remembered, "Oh, right.  And then I read that book where I cried for roughly 350 pages.At the beginning, I remember wondering, "Is she seriously going to make me cry through this whole book?  Like, seriously the entire time?" And she didn't.  She gave me a bit of a reprieve after I thought the character had died and everyone had started to grieve and deal with other life-threatening matters at hand, and that other character I hated finally, finally died, and then more sad things of different varieties happened, and then there was that fan-pandering (but believable-within-the-world) happy resolution which involved more, additional crying.  For Pete's sake . . .  

It's possible the problem was that I haven't read many books lately, and I needed the crying (no matter how slim the justification).  : )

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