Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Boundary Waters

Boundary Waters by William Kent Krueger: The second book of the mystery-adventures of former-sheriff Cork O'Connor in northern Minnesota.  In this book, there's a missing country star and numerous parties trying to find and/or kill her.  Cork is ultimately on the team trying to keep her alive.  At least, he is trying to keep her alive.  There are doubts about some of his teammates.  (Except for the poor little hostage kid and his dad.  They're legit.)

I have had this book for years.  Therefore, I did not have to make sad faces about not having the audiobook available when I finished the first book in the series.  I just launched straight into this one.

I don't think I will end up marathoning these books in my traditional book-binge sense (read them all in a row with nothing else in between).  I think I will have to spread them out.  There is a lot of darkness in them because they deal with tough relationships and situations and the darker sides of people and what they will do when cornered.  I can't have too much concentrated darkness without sufficient humor to leaven it.  (Thought I laughed pretty hard both times the phrase "Monkeys will fly out of my butt" made an appearance in the series.)

It's sort of weird to be reading books by someone I went to church with.  I sang with his wife in the choir.  I adored his aging father, who, if I remember correctly, was an atheist and the church custodian.  I went to a high tea he spoke at, and I loved his practical view of writing and his advice and his life stories.  I find myself glad the books are living up to their hype, and I do recommend them to people who like the landscape to be a character in the book and to those who like very human mysteries.

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