Thursday, August 1, 2013

Reading the Clockwork Angel again

b Clockwork Angel by Cassandra Clare: I read this first book in the trilogy when it was released.  Then I waited for the rest of the series to come out.  Will is a Shadowhunter with a bad attitude; his parabatai Jem does his best to keep Will's recklessness in check while dying from an addiction to a demon drug that he can't live without.  Tessa is an unfortunate American who came to England at the behest of her brother Nate after the death of her only other living relative, her Aunt Harriet.  Upon arriving, she is forcibly picked up by two very creepy individuals and forced by them to learn how to control a power she never even knew she had.  She is rescued by Will and Jem and then taken to the London Institute where she learns about Shadowhunters (in all their ugliness and glory) and Downworlders while trying to discover who (and what) she really is.  And who she loves.

Magnus Bane is awesome.  There are a lot of other good characters in here with familiar names (if you've read the Mortal Instruments), and things are rather mysterious.  There is amazing loyalty alongside awful betrayals, action, adventure, mayhem, and manners in an interestingly steampunk-tinged Victorian England.  I liked it.

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