Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Fighting temptation (First Lord's Fury)

I am trying to prevent myself from going on a book binge on Thanksgiving.  I blame peer pressure.

Jim Butcher's new book is not a Dresden Files book (to my sadness), but it will still be great, and all my book friends will read it.  If I don't read it now, while I have the chance, I'll have to put it off until after I find a new job, which could be years from now.  (If I don't get fired, but that's another story.)

Anyway, I hate having things spoiled for me by people, and the more people I know who will be reading a book, the higher the chance of spoilerific actions.  My solution is to try to read it first.  Unfortunately, I have all manner of plans for my waking hours tomorrow, such as cleaning, job applications, writing submissions, a really nice dinner, and a whole lot of peace and quiet, with no crying. 

If I read this book, I'm sure there will be crying, and I'm sure that at the end of it, the story won't actually be over, and I'll be left hanging like at the end of the last one, and it will make me crazy.

Clearly, for the sake of my sanity, I should read the book.  But I can't afford the time.  Self-control, wherefore art thou?  Stay tuned.

Has this ever happened to you?  Did you stay strong or give into temptation?  What was the book?


  1. My self-control as regards First Lord's Fury is largely due to the fact that last trip to the library, it was still being processed as a new book. Also, I am reading Anathem by Neal Stephenson, which has many pages.

    My theory is that First Lord's Fury will end the series. I mean, what title could he possibly give to a sequel?

    Book-binging is one of my few confirmed vices.

  2. I comfort myself by pointing out that there really are worse vices.

    How's Anathem going for you?

    And I'm starting to think the sixth will be the last, too, because something awfully convenient just happened . . .