Monday, November 9, 2009

What I considered naming my car

What I considered naming my car
  • Dumbo (you should see the side view mirrors)
  • Deathscythe
  • ARC (until the license plate got stolen)

What I call my car

  • (Poor) Little Car

What I have decided I would name my car if I drove a Chevy Impala
  • Vlad


  1. We rented an Impala while on our honeymoon in San Francisco. Its transmission did not stand up to the terrain. Now every time Paul sees one, he laughs at the person driving it.

    A friend of mine established car-naming rules as follows:
    1) The name should be the opposite gender of the owner.
    2) The name should start with the same letter as either the make or the model of the car.

    Paul's car is named Georgettina because while we were looking for baby names we got on this kick where we were taking male names and adding suffixes to feminize them and got carried away. I'm sure Jocelyn will be grateful it wasn't her.

  2. I'm glad on her behalf. Snort. (I hope you also considered Milesia.)

  3. I didn't think of Milesia, actually. Sounds like a disease.

    You could drive a Buick and call it Agnes.