Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Are all bloggers fakers?

Hooray for the internet because it lets you sort-of-interact with some of your favorite authors. Patrick Rothfuss makes a good point about the public blogging persona that people can easily create. 

"There’s a difference between putting your best foot forward and subtly misrepresenting yourself."

"But the truth is, the thought of maintaining that sort of professional persona makes me distinctly uncomfortable. Given the choice, I think I’d rather be too honest and have you like me a little less. I’d much prefer to look like a bit of an ass, because… well… I am a bit of an ass."

In the interest of presenting himself more fully as a person, not just as An Author, he shares some things he's not proud of.  It's interesting to think about. 

In this hyper-marketing, self-promoting cutlure, is it wise to be so transparent, or is it something only seriously famous (or seriously obscure) people can get away with?

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