Monday, April 5, 2010

Books I'm going to love this April: Jim Butcher's Changes

Oh, Jim Butcher, it was worth it to wait a bit longer for this one.  I know this without reading it.

At first, I was miffed that you didn't continue your trend of publishing a new Dresden Files book every Octoberish because I am an addict, and I didn't think I could wait that long for my next fix, but, because I love you, I was patient.  Plus, you finished another series, and I'm willing to cut you some slack for that accomplishment alone.  The whole publishing two books a year for several years all while writing them yourself and not as a corporation also earns you some deep forgiveness, should you need to utilize it in the future.

When I eventually get my pre-ordered copy and can carve myself out a whole day to just binge on it, I will love this book.  So much.  So, so much.  This is why I cannot save this one as a book to hold off on until I get a better job.  I have no willpower.

April 6, you're finally here!

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