Sunday, May 9, 2010

Freakazoid! and being a fan

I loved Freakazoid when it was on TV a million years ago, and I love it now.  It's smart and goofy and random and as likely to make me snort orange juice as my sister.

In one episode, Freakazoid (the ostensible superhero of the story) and his police buddy Cosgrove are waiting in line at an autograph session for construction guru Norm Abrams.  Cosgrove is nervous about being an idiot in front of his idol, and Freakazoid is being nice and calming him down. 

When they reach the front of the line, Freakazoid flips out.  "I am shaking Norm Abrams' hand!!  I am holding Norm Abrams over my head!!!!" 

While I have never narrated my interactions with authors I adore out loud or held them over my head, I am aware of how embarrassing it is to be a super-dork in front of someone you admire who will only have this single interaction with you in both of your lives.

It's kind of cathartic to see someone else doing it.  :)

Do you have any embarrassing author-meeting stories?

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