Wednesday, May 12, 2010

To sequel or not to sequel: The Phantom Goes to New Jersey?

If you didn't know, the Andrew Lloyd Webber musical Phantom of the Opera now has a sequel. It's called Love Never Dies.

Since I've only ever heard the soundtrack out of order, I am not exactly certain what's going on with the story, but there is a son mentioned, and I find that icky. (Not the idea of children and stuff, but the indication is that this may not be Raoul and Christine's son, and I always kind of wanted her relationship with the Phantom to be 100% Platonic . . .)

I loved how the original ended. I just did. Now that there's an official sequel, that ending I love full of mysteries trailing off into imagination and delicious tragedy leads to somewhere I don't want it to go. Hrm. Irksome indeed.

What are your thoughts about sequels (in general or this one in particular)?

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