Thursday, March 10, 2011

Point of view and the graphic novel connection

As a writer fascinated with point-of-view, I'm always unconsciously looking for examples of really well done analysis and/or execution.  I was charmed and impressed by this one.

"I think narrative complexity was a factor. Though the story is a rich tapestry of political history and myth, Shimizu refuses to spoon feed information to the reader; we’re just as confused and disoriented as Qwan himself is. That kind of reading experience can be quite rewarding, but the absence of an omniscient narrator demands more of the audience, forcing us to pore over the text and make connections on our own. Shimizu’s artwork and characterizations are up to the task, but impatient readers will easily miss crucial details in their haste to get to the fight scenes." - Katherine Dacey

Yeah, what she said. 

Having read the graphic novels in question, I found myself agreeing.  It's interesting to compare how storytellers in different mediums use point of view.  Now I want to go read this series again with an eye on what this point of view requires from readers (pros and cons) and what I can learn from it. 

I love being a big geeky, nerd.  There are so many places I can draw creativity from!

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