Tuesday, January 17, 2012

There has to be a story here

At the Barnes & Noble where I go to read manga, there is a woman who is always there when I arrive.  She is of Asian descent, and she is always wearing the same clothes: sweatpants and a sweatshirt too small to cover her growing pregnant belly.  She sets up a pile of magazines, bending the pages and covers to artistically cover and reserve her table.  She has 1-4 not-exactly-healthy drink containers on the table.  She takes a sip of whatever drink is freshest (I assume), and then she pads away to walk around the store or something for a few minutes before returning to the table from the opposite direction, taking another sip, and starting the circuit again.  She does this over and over.  For hours.  With a dull and slightly glazed look on her face.  She does not talk to anyone.  She does not make eye contact.  Just before the store closes, she picks up her coat, leaves the ruined and unsellable magazines and the drink containers on the table, and then leaves.

There has to be a story here.

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