Monday, January 7, 2013

not taller just straighter

The answer to the question of whether my improved focus on health was successful this year may be the fact that during the holidays my relatives asked if I had grown since last year. The first time someone asked, I was puzzled.  The second time, I was sort of bemused.  I'm pretty sure 30-somethings don't hit growth spurts.  Eventually, I figured out that the changes in my posture (when not observed daily) must have been pretty significant, especially since I wasn't really sitting with my best posture either of the first two times people brought it up. 

Later, someone suggested it must be my orthopedic sandals, which do appear to boost me an inch, but they are hollowed out on the inside and may give me half an inch if that, which doesn't explain why I now appear to be the same height as my cousin who was always taller than me. My aunt who always used to seem so tall doesn't seem so tall anymore when I'm standing next to her (though everyone still thought it was pretty funny seeing her talking to my average-height mother because the difference is so obvious).  

Or maybe everyone is just getting old and shrinking.

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