Thursday, January 17, 2013

What's the point of milk?

So some health professionals encourage people to stop eating dairy and replace it with things like Almond milk or Rice milk.  The thing is that when I compared the original, unsweetened versions of these products to skim milk, skim milk appeared to win on all nutritional fronts except sugar.  I am told that one can buy fortified versions of these products, which leaves me confused.  I mean, I thought the idea was that I was being told to drink less milk because it's not healthy to drink a lot of it.  But foods that are artificially enriched/fortified are not as good for people as natural foods that have the good stuff in them without any artificial additives (such as grass-fed, rbh-free, no-antibiotic milk).  I am so confused.  What is the point of replacing milk with a less-healthy, less-tasty alternative?  Any ideas?

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