Monday, August 5, 2013

The Clockwork Prince: Vindication of the demon pox theory

b Clockwork Prince by Cassandra Clare: Demon pox totally exists!  So, bad stuff happened at the end of the first book.  There are those within the Shadowhunters who decide to use that as a reason to try to kick Charlotte out as leader of the London Institute.  Lots of politics and intrigue get thrown into the mix of action, romance, drama, and mystery.  There are some unexpected betrayals and some unexpected loyalties.  Tessa learns more about who she is, and some of the Shadowhunters suck even more in this book.  There were certainly some stinkers among them in the Mortal Instruments series, but I feel like a lot of these folks are even more vile, sometimes making me hope they have terrible deaths.  Then I feel bad about that.

I expected the choice from the love triangle to be dragged out, but it resolves itself in a horribly messy fashion in the second book.  For now.  Oh, it's heart-wrenching.

I haven't read the other series in a while, so I don't always remember names, but there are some that I just seem inclined not to trust from the beginning.  And some that confuse me (wait, wasn't that the name of a bad guy later, but this guy seems really good?).  A lot happened in this volume, and I'm looking forward to seeing how it all concludes in the last volume.  There are a lot of unhappy people at this point, and I really want them to be happy in the end.  Right now, it doesn't seem possible.

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