Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Do I know you?

I was startled a few days ago to realize that I felt a certain kind of amused affection for a particular person partly because he reminds me of a character in a book series I've been re-reading recently.  They're both young college guys, they lost their fathers young, they wear hooded sweatshirts . . .  Yeah, that's pretty much it. 

I hadn't consciously been trying to remember who he reminded me of, but it came to me suddenly in an a-ha moment while I was vacuuming and thinking about something else entirely.  I hadn't even known he reminded me of someone at all.

So I'm just curious.  Have you ever felt kinship with a person you don't know very well only to find out it's because s/he reminds you of a character in a book you've read? 

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