Sunday, January 10, 2010

An example of a good author interview

John Scalzi blogged about the need for originality in interviews just a bit ago, so when I saw a good example of a well-done sort of interview, I felt I should pass it along.

What's better than Patrick Rothfuss or Brent Weeks? Patrick Rothfuss AND Brent Weeks. These two authors of some of my favorite fantasy books over the last few years did a short interview with each other, and they were goofy and fun.

Learn interesting facts about the NYT Best Seller Lists.  Find out what makes Brent Weeks "feel snobbed on," the most shameful self-promotional thing he's ever done, how much was cut from the beginning of each author's first published book, what literary figure they would like to punch in the face, the most hurtful thing said in reviews of their works, and other things.

Of the comments, I draw your attention to the 5th comment (Malcuy's January 8th) about why the poster has only read the first Night Angel book and the 18th comment (Bombie's January 8th) with a link to an amusing online war of words between Weeks and Joe Abercrombie (another writer of exceedingly dark fantasy) at the Borders Sci-Fi/Fantasy Book Blog (remember to read from the bottom up).

Some day I want to be a published fantasy author, so I can have fun talking to other great authors.

What author(s) would you want to interview?

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