Friday, January 22, 2010

Reasons to hate a certain airport

At first, this was going to be pure venom, but then something positive caught my eye, so I decided to be slightly more even-handed.  The poop joke helped.

+ It was so humid when we arrived that fog was everywhere, and on the walk from the plane to the terminal, I breathed smoke and felt like a dragon, including sound effects because I was the last one off the plane, so no one could hear me. I forgot that I wasn't invisible, though, which is why I was completely mortified to step into the terminal to see that an old man in a rocking chair facing the door was laughing his head off at me. Nice.

- You can't get from one terminal to another without exiting the secured area.

+ A nice TSA employee tells you this, only smirking a little.

- You have to check in separately with your connecting flight airline, and your connecting flight's airline recently merged with another, making it impossible for you to follow directions and do automatic check-in.

+ A nice airline employee helps you through this.

- You have to go through security screening again, meaning you have to dump out the water in your water bottle and barely make your connecting flight, so you can't refill the bottle, and your ears do not handle the waterless descent well at all.

+ The airport has rocking chairs.  Also bathroom stalls designed for people with luggage.

- It has sinks with automatic soap dispensers located too close to the automatic faucets, so when you rinse your hands, the soap dispenser poops all over your sleeve.

+ At least the sink water is cold, so you don't broil while your hands get rinsed.

- Which is good, because, since only a thin trickle of water comes out of the faucets, you are rinsing for a long time.

+ The airport has recycling containers.
And there you have it.
Any good, personal airport horror stories you'd like to share?

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  1. I discovered a temperature switch hidden on the underside of one of those automatic faucets once.