Monday, March 8, 2010

Books I'm going to love this April: A Conspiracy of Kings

The next Megan Whalen Turner book is coming out, and I am more than a tad excited to go back into the highly charged world that began with The Thief all those years ago, took me through the ringer with Queen of Attolia, and totally won my heart with the politics and subtle romance of King of Attolia.

I didn't know if there was going to be a next book after King came out.  In fact, I only started reading the series when King came out because I thought it was the last book in a trilogy.  Then it ended, and I needed to know more, but I heard nothing for years, and I began to despair that no sequel would come.  No new adventures in this world I love: too sad to contemplate.

And then, a title.  No data on whether it was a new series or part of the old one.  For months, I agonized.  And then, yes!  A kid who was an aristocrat who never wanted to rule has to choose between his somewhat comfortable life as a slave and a chance to save the people he loves (or die trying).

Turner uses a different point-of-view for each of her books, and I love how well she pulls it off.  The point-of-view she picks is the organic one, the only one that will make the story work, the one that will tell you most about the characters you love from a new perspective.  It makes me tingly.  :)

I'm not sure if my favorite characters will really be making much of an appearance in this book, but, to be honest, I don't care because Megan Whalen Turner wrote it.  I will most likely love it.  She will, no doubt, surprise me time and time again.  And, as an added bonus, I will have to go back through the whole series since one of the main characters from this book was a side-character in the first, and I totally don't remember him at all.

At least I know to bring extra tissues for Queen.  Man, that was rough.  And cathartic.

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