Thursday, March 4, 2010

The wait will (probably) be over eventually, and it will be worth it (I dearly wish)

In the saga for the long-awaited book II by Patrick Rothfuss, progress has been made.  I found this update post interesting for the light it sheds on the publishing process and its illuminating look at how ridiculously large the manuscript he's juggling with is. 

Also, cute baby pictures to illustrate massiveness of manuscript = synergistic awesome.

Rothfuss is a meticulous craftsman and an engaging world-builder, and he's writing an epic.  Don't wait to read the first one until the second one is done (or the third and final one) because you (or Rothfuss) might die first, and The Name of the Wind is worth reading right now for its musical prose and breathtakingly sprawling, humorously unexpected, perfectly-crafted story. 

Seriously, go get it now.  I can wait.  Talk to me after you've read it.  Then we can wait together in agony for The Wise Man's Fear.  The more, the merrier, heh heh hehhhhh.

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