Friday, March 19, 2010

This month's author binge: Cleary

I am going to have to have a Louise Erdrich binge sometime soon.  Right now, though, I'm on a Beverly Cleary kick. 

I'm still trying to work out ways to tell a really non-dramatic slice of life story through the eyes of a quirky 12-year-old girl.  I think, from all the reviews I've been reading, that Cleary knows quirky and kids voices.  Even if the ages aren't quite right, I think there will be value in immersing myself in the voices and stories.  They're also short and fun, so it will not be a chore. 

Sorry, Louise, you'll have to join Mrs. L'Engle on the backburner for now, but I know you're there, and I'll be coming for you as soon as I get a better job and have some time freed up from job-hunting and applications and rejection to read more again.

Do you have any suggestions of books with great, quirky, young point-of-view characters?

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