Friday, May 18, 2012

gnarly body suit sweater, dude

So I was going to a free stretch class offered at my company gym, and they handed out a piece of paper that talked about myofascial tissue, something I'm familiar with after too much physical therapy. (Example: "What is your myofascial tissue made of, rock?")  Myofascial tissue is this connective thing throughout your body, kind of like a full-body knitted suit.  It literally sheaths everything from muscles to joints. 

I used to be too stretchy, a genetic flaw in my joints and myofascial tissue that resulted in numerous injuries.  Over the course of a decade and more of collecting and compensating for those injuries, I've contorted, limped, and distorted my body until that myofascial tissue likely resembles the initial try at a complicated sweater by a seriously craft-impaired first-time knitter.  There are gnarly bits that are all crumpled and too tight, and there are loose bits where the yarn got stretched.

I wish I knew more artsy people, so someone could draw their artist's impression of my myofascial tissue as bad body-suit sweater.  I don't know why, but this idea amuses me greatly.  Contact me to submit artwork of this nature . . .

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