Wednesday, May 23, 2012

The pleasures of re-contemplating Memory

I was reading Memory (a wonderful Miles book), and once again I got stuck in this one place when Miles is contemplating his own stubbornness and his genetic heritage and pathological refusal to retreat and wondering why he's not getting medical treatment he needs.  And then he has this revelation.  It's amazing!  And, you know, revelatory!  And I still don't get it. 

I've read this book nearly a dozen times, and I still don't get this part.  I don't actually contemplate it for a long time or anything, just note it in passing because it's kind of part of the endgame of the book, and I want to keep reading.  It irks me a little, though, because I suspect that this is one of those areas where Miles and I are similar, and I'd love to let him do the agonizing thinking and hand me the conclusion.  Sigh.

Darn those complicated and awesome books where not everything is obvious, and you have to think about things.

So, does anyone know the part I'm talking about, understand the revelation, and want to share it with me?  : )


  1. I don't remember, can you refresh my memory?

  2. I'm trying to find it again, but of course that's the only one I don't have an electronic copy of, so the search goes ill . . . : ( I think it's right around the line where he says, "I am the man who owns Vorkosogan Vashnoi!"

  3. I'll keep an eye out for that part next time I read it, in any case.