Sunday, May 20, 2012

RIP Pauper's Paperbacks

My dad called the other day because he passed by an old used bookstore I loved when I was younger and poorer and ravenous for books.  Now they serve subs to a different kind of ravenous people on the corner of X and Main.  I would use no more than 10% of what I earned at my job at the library across the street to buy fascinating old mass market paperbacks from the owner, Mr. Leo, for fabulous discounts.  I think it was when I was in college that Mr. Leo sold his store to a man with long curly hair who changed the store name, cared little about books, and allegedly used the business as a place to hold anarchist meetings.  (I always wondered how anarchists would hold meetings.  Probably not using Roberts' Rules.)  This new owner never gave me the same kinds of insane faithful customer discounts Mr. Leo gave me, but that's probably why Mr. Leo folded in the first place.  Wherever he and his books may be, may they all rest in peace.

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