Monday, December 30, 2013

Hunter's Death (Revenge of the Shiny Cover)

Hunter's Death (Hunter Book 2 of 2) by Michelle West:  When last we left this author, I was irritated that the book I thought was going to be a standalone--one I could use to test the waters for this author beloved of a beloved former co-worker before I committed to the massive 6-volume epic saga my co-worker friend adored so much--was, in fact, not a standalone.  Despite my irritation with this deception, I knew I was going to read the sequel, not just because it had a shiny cover but also because, knowing this main character was going to buy it in a horrific way and still getting to like him anyway, I felt (book nerds out there probably understand this) like I owed it to . . . someone . . . to see him through to the bitter, tragic end. 

Which did not come at the end of the book, like I sort of expected, but somewhere closer to the middle, causing some nice folks at the gym to be a bit concerned even though I kept my reaction to just copious tears and not actual sobbing or anything.  Maybe I should get some shirts that aren't threadbare and 15 years old if I am going to keep reading sad books at the gym because it's hard to blot the tears and snot with something that isn't actually absorbent . . .

Anyway, the plot threads all came together, as a new protagonist was added to the mix in the second book (probably to make up for the impending loss of the nice guy protagonist).  Things between all the plot lines began to tighten their weave as the book progressed, and the ending was horrific, sad, and complete for the story being told.  What made it even better was finding out that characters from this story are woven into two other series, one that is currently in progress (maybe just ended). 

One thing the author really does well is creating living, breathing characters that you are desperate to know more about.  And then she writes more about them in other series.  Sure, the chronology is snarly and complicated and woven through all the series, but I don't really care because I get more time with the characters who are still alive (and even some who died).  More about that in reviews to follow.

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