Monday, December 30, 2013

The House Name: the joy of secondary characters

The House Name by Michelle West (The House War Book 3 of 5?): We're in the thick of the events of Hunter's Death now, and this book leaves off right around where the events of that book do, but now we're in possession of a lot of information and characters we didn't have/need for the story of the Hunter duology.  16 years pass between this and the beginning of the Sun Sword series.  The entire Sun Sword series takes place before the 4th book of The House War series.

I find myself hoping that The Sun Sword is written in a narrative style much more like The House War, but the timing makes me think it will be more like the complicated, multi-POV sprawl that was the Hunter books.

At this point, I'm so invested, I don't care.  I just want to know more about these characters and what could cause there to be an epic 6-book series after the new facts this book revealed about what seemed to be the victory at the end of Hunter's Death . . .

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