Tuesday, December 31, 2013

The wasp diaries - July 2013 Introduction

One day in late summer, on the day I got my wonderful, new, comfortable chair, a single wasp entered my apartment.  And though I knew it was only an insect with a tiny insect brain and no evil motives, I really resented that it had invaded and was laughing gleefully as it prevented me from relaxing in my chair. 

I was determined to kill this wasp immediately, using all of my wasp-slaying expertise, hard-won  during the http://themiles2go.blogspot.com/2011/08/irrational-fear-of-wasps.html Waspocalypse http://mooninautumn.blogspot.com/2011/10/waspocalypse-2011-continues.html of 2011, a mysterious plague of wasps I survived by learning to put aside mostly irrational fear and using my cork-sandal as a wasp-slaying weapon that would insulate me from their wrath long enough for me to totally crush them.  Wasps 0, me and the maintenance guy: 33. (I called him in especially when they came in multiples.) 

For the first day, my new, unwanted houseguest would have the occasional, seemingly random freakouts that wasps have.  It would start buzzing like a tiny, angry power tool and would bounce off walls and ceilings, never quite landing, so I could slay it.  Jerk.  And then, as they all do eventually, it settled to sleep on my prized piece of art, a lovely blue and black floral painting done by a former roommate.  And it didn't leave.  Until I finally gathered the guts to kill it even though it hadn't really threatened me since that first day.  Yes, I totally felt like an evil jerk.  Because that's what they do to you: they mess with your head until you can't think straight anymore! 

The following posts are excerpts of my thoughts as I dealt with this singular infestation.

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