Saturday, December 28, 2013

Much Fall of Blood: History with added dragons!

b Much Fall of Blood by Lackey, Freer, and Flint: Dragons!  And Mongols!  I had no idea we were going here.  None at all.  We follow the knights way far east, where we meet a Mongol princess in disguise doing her best to save the life of her brother (heir to the khanate [khan-ship?]) and teaming up with our favorite prince of the Holy Roman Empire (who really is slowly and realistically turning into a really good man) and his awesome Icelandic bodyguard (and a stupid, young rascal from the Middle East).

Meanwhile, there's this guy named Vlad, some shape-changing wolf people, a couple of dragons, and some super-evil folks, one of whom unexpectedly totally dies.  Strategy, tactics, awesome practical jokes, possessions, a wedding, an unexpectedly useful female secondary character, hordes of Mongols, blood, weddings, good and evil, and dragons.  Good stuff.

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