Saturday, December 28, 2013

Purgatory Ridge

b Purgatory Ridge by William Kent Krueger: Man, it sucks to be the family of the main character.  Bad things are just guaranteed to happen to you.  In this case, Cork's wife and son are sort of accidentally kidnapped, and Cork finds himself in the unlucky position of sheriff investigating kidnapping of rich lady and son (and his family members) while also being the husband and father of some of the victims.  The main antagonist (the one who gets the most page time) is a dark, sad, and beautifully drawn character who makes bad choices with good-ish intentions due to bad company, and I was really on the edge of my seat right up the unexpected ending.  This one was remarkably tense.  Also, it's tough to be the main character, 'cause Cork really ends up in the hospital after this one.

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